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À Sua Medida
The Yardangs - 0.5
B! Caramelo
My Cubic Emotion - "world Receiver"
João Braga XLV
Once Upon A Time In The Countryside
Araponga - Sacanagem
First Class Tragedy - "hope" Official Video
Hills Have Eyes - "anyway, It´s Gone"
(feat. Vasco Ramos)
Remote - "elevator"
Sushi Fashion Extravaganza
  • What We Do

Bamp is a post-production and video company formed by André Santos, Miguel Diogo and Ricardo Jesus Gomes.

We've been working with live action filming, editing, post-production and 3D tools since Cinema School, which provided us the opportunity to collect experience in television, commercial, entertainment work and feature films.

We provide you videos to enhance your business, clips to promote your band, 'making of' to record your event, using the latest video cameras equipment, accessories and post-production software.

And above all,
we love our videos!
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Bamp begins in Portugal fueled by four college friends that share a passion for Film, Art and Post-Production. Since then, we have been working together creating and producing audiovisual content using the tools we love and learned to work with.
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Find us in
R. Pereira Henriques, Nº3
1950-242 Lisboa

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André Santos
+351 918 506 414

Miguel Diogo
+351 916 742 980

Ricardo Jesus Gomes
+351 913 223 800